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One of Miami’s most exciting neighborhoods, Midtown is a sudden burst of color tucked away in what was formerly a rusty industrial sector.


An exciting up-and-coming district with an artsy vibe.

One of Miami’s most exciting neighborhoods, Midtown is a sudden burst of color tucked away in what was formerly a rusty industrial sector. Today, the area is known for industrial-chic art galleries, cutting-edge contemporary skyscrapers, and world-class shopping. Within this diverse district lie four distinct neighborhoods: Wynwood, with its craft breweries, local bakeries, and graffiti-embossed walls; Midtown, featuring trendy dining and luxury condos; Edgewater, containing older homes and bayside high-rises; and the Design District, dominated by the most upscale brand names in fashion.
Just 15 years ago, Midtown was brimming with rusty warehouses and low rents that attracted artists, filmmakers, and other trendsetters to the area. The area quickly developed a reputation as a living gallery for its complex and beautiful street art and attracted developer interest after the Midtown Miami mall went up in 2005. The area has experienced an incredible boom since then, comparable to Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, and is home to artists and affluent patrons of art alike.


Trendy restaurants, artisanal brews, hipster beards, and contemporary-cool urban flavor.

Wynwood is famous for its look and contains hip restaurants and bars, with plenty of office space for film studios, creative-industry startups, and photography studios. Midtown central has most of the housing options, with high-end condos parked on top of popular eateries and stores. Edgewater is a strictly residential neighborhood, whereas the Design District is known for its fashion and architectural firms, and has a two-block stretch with nothing but back-to-back high-end fashion outlets including Louis Vuitton, Rolex, Christian Louboutin, and Tiffany & Co.


Go from a gallery opening to an art-house cinema showing locally-produced films, and end up at a brewery.

This area offers numerous galleries, a popular, monthly Art Walk, and an independent cinema. Here you’ll find the epicenter of Miami’s craft food and drink movement, including breweries, bakeries, sausage makers, and coffee shops. Bars and clubs with creative concepts and indoor/outdoor spaces call this area home, providing a low-key, artsy alternative to the South Beach nightlife.


This urban hub isn’t known for its schools, family parks, or wide-open spaces.

This area is still being developed, so much of the infrastructure to support families hasn’t been built yet. Also, there are few public transportation options, although it is centrally located next to a hub of heavily trafficked highways.


Brand new high-rises near the central Midtown area.

The buildings in central Midtown were all built after 2005, and many offer panoramic views of Downtown Miami, Biscayne Bay, and Miami Beach. Real estate in this area is considered hot, with prices tending to rise every month. Condos range from moderately-priced units to extremely expensive penthouses that overlook the entire city. Older condos in Edgewater may be more reasonable, but the costs are still above average for the county due to rising demand and oceanfront views.


Electric culture, amazing drinks, and dining, and something crazy to look at on every block.

Midtown is quickly becoming one of Miami’s signature neighborhoods and a major creative hub within the southeast United States.

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